Self-Improvement For The Rest Of Us

Are you continuously striving for self discovery and personal development?

Do you read countless books and websites, trying to find the magic bullet?

Are you constantly starting new avenues to breaking bad habits and starting new intentions that never lead to the real change you are hoping for?

You are not alone!

I am always looking for the perfect strategy that will transform me into the ideal wife, mother, cook, organizer, writer, human. Time after time I jump on a bandwagon only to fall off again.

Each book or website would give me a good nugget or two but I could never make anything stick. Finally, it occurred to me that I wasn’t the one who was failing – the approaches I was trying were never going to fit the person I am.

Then I had a realization.

These books and websites are almost always written by Type A go-getters. Gretchen Rubin calls them “Upholders,” or people that find it easy to reach internal and external goals. These folks tend to be very successful, however they are a small part of the population.

Most of us are Type B folks that want to do better but keep getting in our own way.

Are you “Type B”?

If you find it difficult at times to get off the couch, to focus on what is most important, to follow through with the goals you set for yourself, then you are in the right place!

Join me as I share the strategies that work for me (and the ones that don’t) and outline some of the best tips I’ve encountered. You can follow along as I try to optimize all aspects of my life, and hopefully gain insights into what will work for you.

Please email and let me know what your interested in learning more about, where you struggle, and any strategies you have used to be successful. We are all in this together, so let’s work together to our best selves!