How to Achieve Your Goals Through Affirmations

how to achieve your goals through affirmations

I am not the kind of person who normally buys into something that seems so woo-woo on its face, but I have found affirmations to be incredibly helpful. Not in a Secret kind of way where manifesting something will make it come true (but I guess that can’t hurt!), but in a way, I was totally unprepared for.

Creating affirmations helped me to define my goals and outline the kind of person I want to be in all the important areas of my life.

My Miracle Morning

When I was reading Hal Elrod’s “The Miracle Morning” I was on board with all of the SAVERS except one, affirmations. It just seemed so strange. But this system had worked for so many people that I decided to commit to every method, even one I thought was silly. What is the worst that would happen? It wouldn’t work.

Affirmations are positive statements meant to be repeated daily (or more frequently) in order to affect the subconscious mind. These statements invoke images and thoughts that help to inspire, activate, and motivate you from your deepest subconscious outward.

I was so surprised when the affirmations piece became the part of my routine that I enjoyed most. Repeating out loud what was most important to me, what I want to achieve, and the person I want to be helps focus me on the direction I need to go in every day.

The process of writing my affirmations also helped me zero in on what is important to me. I had to think deeply about my goals in several key areas and write them down. Doing this really propelled me forward in finding clarity on what I want out of life. This is so essential so you are not just swept away with the tasks and needs of every day, but are able to really work toward your goals.

The Wheel of Life

I knew I wanted my affirmations to encompass all important areas of my life. I used the Wheel of Life self-evaluation tool categories as a guide. I created at least one affirmation for each major category that was important to me. The Wheel of Life categories are:

  • Family/Friends
  • Partner/Significant other
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Health (emotional/physical/fitness/nutrition/well being)
  • Physical Environment/Home
  • Fun/Recreation/Leisure
  • Personal Growth/Learning/Self-development
  • Spiritual well being (can be religious or not)
  • Other categories that are important to your life: service, leadership, community, etc.

If you are not religious or don’t have a significant other or if any other of the categories don’t fit your life then just omit them from your list.

This is not an exhaustive list. I have several affirmations that are more general or do not fit in any of these categories. This list is just a helpful place to start exploring what is important to you and why.

A Detailed Blueprint

Researching affirmations and what they sound like is helpful in crafting meaningful ones. Some people like short, declarative affirmations such as “I invite abundance into my life.” I prefer more descriptive affirmations. The first affirmation I read every day is:

I am called to make positive changes in my life. I am deserving of success, happiness, and health. I am worthy of all things wonderful. The next few months will be a period of magnificent transformation within me in the greater world of my life. I am 100% committed to becoming the person I need to be by making good choices every day and living with discipline.

I suggest researching other affirmations to figure out what format resonates with you most. There are great examples on Pinterest and just Googling ‘affirmations’ will yield a ton of results. You can copy ones that are exactly what you need or use them as inspiration to craft your own.

Affirmations Provide an Outline for your Day

Once you have written your affirmations down you may be surprised by the sudden clarity of your goals and what is important to you, I know I was! But while writing them down is an important process itself, the actual magic happens when you start repeating them daily.

Starting the day with affirmations is grounding and energizing. These statements are full of positivity and are action-oriented. they pull you towards being the parent, wife, employee, you want to be.

They also outline how your day will unfold. Having that reminder first thing in the morning of what is important to you and what you are capable of starts you on a trajectory of success. If one of your goals is to earn more money to get out of debt, reminding yourself of this before you start your day helps you focus your time and energy on tasks that will get you to that goal. Keeping what is most important front and center each day makes it much more likely you will achieve your goals.

The best part of affirmations is that you can change them anytime. We are constantly in flux, and as we accomplish things or our priorities change so can our affirmations. I have had the same ones for six months because I chose broad affirmations that encompass who I want to be, and so are unlikely to change much. But you may have some that are connected to a project or deadline that will naturally become obsolete.

I hope you explore the use of affirmations as both an exercise for discovering personal goals and a system to keep you inspired and on track to reach these goals.

Do you have affirmations that have helped you achieve your dreams or be the person you want to be? 

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