Turn that Resolution into a Forever Habit

How to make a concrete plan for Successful New Habit formation

Habits don’t generally just appear in your life, good habits especially so. They need to be cultivated. Sometimes this happens gradually without you really noticing, like an afternoon snack at the office (why are the ‘bad’ habits always the easiest to adopt? Not fair!).

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Remake Your Bad Habits

remake your bad habits

How I used habit loops to abandon my TV routine and become more productive in the evening

I am a very tired woman.

After a long day of work and wrangling two kids through an evening routine (sometimes solo because my husband has to work late) I just need a minute after that last bedroom door closes to sit and rest and turn my brain off.

So I turn on the TV.

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Getting Started – How to short circuit your internal roadblocks and become the person you are meant to be

There are many different kinds of people in the world, all with varying degrees of resolve and drive when it comes to personal development. The one thing we all have in common is our desire to do better.

I am of the common but unfortunate variety that has big dreams but big fear that makes realizing those dreams a difficult prospect. Instead of pushing me to work 110% my perfectionist nature goads me into not starting at all, lest I fail or come up short in some way.

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